Unravel the traditions of Waluigi to make a Waluigi game

Nintendo seems to hate Waluigi.

Mario, Luigi and Wario all have their own games, but Waluigi does not. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has notoriously slowed down our big violet child by giving him an assist trophy instead of a playable character.

But does that mean Nintendo really hates him? No. Nintendo is too interested in him and is afraid to develop a Waluigi game that is not perfect.

This is where I come in. I created this video as a practical Waluigi reference. This includes every piece of Waluigi lore that you can see from his appearances in Nintendo games. The developers of Nintendo can fall back on my video if they ever forget anything about the characterization of Waluigi. Hopefully this will lead them to develop the best possible video game for my big favorite bastard.

If you want to see more of Unraveled, read our playlist and subscribe to Polygon’s YouTube channel!

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