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Unraveling the Mystery Behind Phone Crashes After Watching YouTube Videos

Some Google Pixel series Android phones are facing a mysterious problem i.e. the crash of the operating system, as soon as you start watching a video that includes a clip from the director’s (Ridley Scott) science fiction film (Alien) on YouTube. The problem occurs when watching 4K videos and the crash only occurs when using the official YouTube app.

A group of pixel phone users have been tracking this issue, which they have been complaining about social networkconfirming that the phone restarts immediately when watching the video, and some reports have claimed that this malfunction appears on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro and Pixel 6 , 6Pro and 6a phones.

There’s no confirmation as to whether or not older Pixel versions have the same problem. In an experiment conducted by the Arabic portal for technical news, the problem did not appear on my Pixel 4 or Pixel 5 phones. Some indicate that the problem may be related to the Tensor chip for processing present in the latest generations of Pixel phones. Some of them have attributed the problem to an error in HDR video playback processing, although this problem does not occur with other videos available with the same technology.

In addition to the phone restarting automatically, users have indicated that this issue can sometimes cause a loss of network connection until the user restarts the phone.

E (Pixel) is one of the trademarks of Google, as the company offers a number of smart phones and watches under this name and was specifically designed to run the Android operating system.

Although errors and problems software are common to all smartphones, this particular problem is strange and ambiguous, it is unusual for playing a video clip to lead to such a problem, especially since we are talking about a specific video among the hundreds of millions of videos on the YouTube application .

It’s worth noting that Google has not yet commented on the cause of this issue.


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