UNRWA: Leave Israel die Stop the eviction of the people of Sheikh Jarrah

The Commissioner General of UNRWA (the United Nations Relief Agency for Refugees), Philip Lazarini, emphasized today, Wednesday, during his visit to the Sheikh Jarrah district in Jerusalem die Need to stop Israel trying to get Palestinian families out of the die above neighborhood.

He also stressed that these families are under severe pressure due to Israeli practices, adding that he would continue to raise the subject of “Sheikh Jarrah” which sparked Palestinian anger last month and sparked widespread solidarity protests in the West Bank at all international forums.

He also made it clear that forcing people to leave their homeland is contrary to all international laws and regulations.

Unparalleled excitement

It is noteworthy that last May in neighborhood clashes between Israeli forces and a number of Palestinians after Israel decided to evacuate some land. That spark of clashes infiltrated other areas in Jerusalem and resulted in dozens of injuries and an unprecedented increase in violence in the last few years in the mixed cities between Jews and Arabs, the so-called 48 Palestinians.

UNRWA: Leave Israel die Stop the eviction of the people of Sheikh Jarrah

From the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood after clashes between settlers and Palestinians on May 14 (AFP)

These tensions led to die To warn the United Nations, as well as many Western countries, that these tensions would get out of hand, especially as they were accompanied by an Israeli military escalation in Gaza after a series of rockets were fired in Tel Aviv.

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