Unseen Footage from Nintendo Space World 2000 Event: GameCube Reveal, Tech Demos, and Shigeru Miyamoto Q&A

Nearly an hour of unseen footage from the Nintendo Space World 2000 event has been restored and published online.

Media executive and Ziff Davis vice president Adam Doree has shared the 51-minute compilation of footage he shot at the event 23 years ago.

According to Doree, the footage comes from his own source tape archives and has been “colour-corrected, semi-stabilised” and has a “higher bitrate and/or other improvements”, in order to make it look as clean as possible.

The footage includes highlights from Nintendo’s press conference, at which the GameCube was officially revealed for the first time.

It also shows footage from the live stage presentations, including the famous Mario 128 demo.

Following this is around 15 minutes of footage from the showfloor, including early tech demos for the likes of Wave Race, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda.

There’s also footage of Luigi’s Mansion, Star Wars, Meowth’s Party and a brief glimpse of Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie, neither of which would ultimately be released on the console.

The video ends with 11 minutes of footage of a roundtable Q&A with Shigeru Miyamoto, whose answers are being translated into English.

Doree notes that some of the footage is shaky because he wasn’t using a tripod at the time, pointing out that it wasn’t considered necessary because it was being shot for online coverage and at the turn of the millennium online video only tended to last a few seconds at a time.

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