UNSMIL: We support a civilian-led government for the transition period in Sudan

Among the international appeals in support of the transition process in Sudan, the UN mission announced that the organization is committed to supporting a civilian-led government as the ultimate goal of the transition phase in the country.

And he added in a declaration on Wednesday on consultations on the political process in the country, which counts on the full cooperation of all parties, in in particular the authorities, to create an appropriate atmosphere for these consultations.

Confirm the start of the process, started in consultation with the authorities concerned.

He also indicated that this includes an immediate end to the use of violence against peaceful protesters, holding the perpetrators accountable and preserving and protecting the human rights of the Sudanese people, according to the statement.

A global process that ensures a civil transition

He stressed that the mission will work with all actors to develop an inclusive process that can lead to consensus on the path to a fully democratic and civilian-led transition.

It also noted that the process initiated by UNITAMS will begin with initial consultations with stakeholders, including government, political actors, partners for pacearmed movements, civil society, resistance committees, women’s groups and young people.

International calls to speed up the formation of a government

On Friday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for dialogue between the Sudanese, underlining the international organization’s commitment to supporting the transition period up to the elections, underlining the need to speed up the formation of a civilian government.

In a joint statement, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, America and Britain affirmed their support for the United Nations initiative for dialogue in Sudan, calling on the Sudanese sides to seize the opportunity to restore the transition process.

The statement indicated his aspiration that the United Nations initiative in Sudan ended with democratic elections, emphasizing its support for the aspirations of the Sudanese people to achieve stability, freedom and prosperity.

The US State Department also urged all Sudanese parties to take the opportunity of dialogue, noting that it looks forward to the end of the mission of the United Nations mission. in Sudan with the conduct of the elections.

Interestingly, since the resignation of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok on January 3, international appeals continue to accelerate the formation of a civilian government as soon as possible, paving the way for elections in the country, as foreseen by the 2019 constitutional document.

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