Unvaccinated pandemic: Germany records a number record of wounded Corona

Germany announced today, Monday, that the number of people infected with Corona has reached its highest level so far, due to what officials have described as an “unvaccinated pandemic.”

In addition, the rate of Corona virus infection per 100,000 residents in Germany has risen over the past seven days to 201.1, a number record since the outbreak of the epidemic.

The new figure, published by the Robert Koch Institute, surpasses the last record 197.6 on December 22, 2020.

The announcement arrives in one moment in which the percentage of people who have received Covid vaccines in the country has stabilized at less than 70%, while in recent days, population officials have asked for vaccination.

For his part, Lothar Weiler, head of the Robert Koch Institute, said last Wednesday: “For those who are not vaccinated, there is a serious risk of infection in the coming months.”

The authorities of Saxony, where the infection rate is double the media national level of 491.3, will impose new restrictions on non-vaccinators from Monday.

Unvaccinated people will be forbidden to sit in closed spaces in restaurants and cafes or attending events in such places, unless they prove they have recently recovered from Covid-19, according to “AFP”.

These are the strictest rules imposed on unvaccinated people in Germany, knowing that children and people who cannot receive vaccinations for health reasons will be exempted.

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