Unveiling the Mystery: 5 Years Later, Fans Discover a Secret Line of Dialogue Concealed in Red Dead Redemption 2!

Red Dead Redemption II: Another Hidden Dialogue Discovered

A Red Dead Redemption II player has discovered a new dialogue hidden. It is at “PostEvery1333”, on , thaton has to. THE dialogue in question can be found in the mission hot air balloon “Icarus and company”. If the hero of the game, Arthur Morgan, is overweight, then the pilot will note “a slightly slower climb than usual, but it’s normal we carry more weight”and will add “between us, I’m not the only one here with a good appetite“.

Indeed, in Red Dead Redemption 2, the main character can gain more or less weight depending on son power supply – offering a plus grand realism in the title. His hairiness also grows as the days go by. But, obviously, Rockstar didn’t limit itself to physical considerations, since the dialogues of the “NPCs” (non-player characters) will be different depending on your build.

Realism at the service of immersion

After this discovery, it seems logical to think that many dialogues or situations in the game have not yet been found, as the possibilities are great. The attention to detail in Red Dead Redemption 2 is case enough unique in the video game. This surprised the fans when the title is released, in particular cause of a gameplay considered “heavy”, but it will have taken several years to realize the extent of all this. All these details contribute to the realism of the experience and bring a lot of immersion to the players.. Rockstar has set the bar very high. If they can at least match that level for Grand Theft Auto VI with the graphics enabled by the current console generation, they will be able to live up to the high expectations from the public.