Unveiling the Terrifying AI-Created Gollum: A Foe Even Scarier Than Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Version

The Return of Gollum: An Unpredictable Character with Multiple Personalities

He is back

You may have read Tolkien’s books or simply seen Peter Jackson’s films: in any case, everyone knows Gollum, this famous character stranded in Middle-earth in search of son most… precious possession. His phrasing uniquehis gimmicks, but also his deceit and son aggressiveness make him an unpredictable character with multiple personalities.

Per se, not exactly a nice guy to hang out with, but on love him anyway despite ourselves: it must be said that in the cinema, he was brilliantly interpreted by Andy Serkis, the actor also lending his movements via the motion capture… as well as some lines of son face. There version imagery of Gollum as theon knows everyone in the cinema is therefore similar to Serkis, but what could the character look like with other directives?

Artist Jose Luis Rodriguez Mena asked an artificial intelligence to image Gollum and there is no need to say: this version unprecedented seems to want to suck your soul, even through your screen. A very bad traveling companion.

The cold shower

We also talk a lot about Gollum at the moment, but not necessarily for good reasons: the critics of the video game dedicated to him, in which on embodies the character throughout, have fallen off…and are particularly bad. On Metacritic, The Lord of the Rings Gollum achieves a very bad score of .

A real cleaver for this little one studio who has been working on the project for years and years now. We blame the title not having a sufficiently impactful story (knowing that it is a software with a pronounced narrative aspect), major weaknesses in terms of gameplay and level design as well as a lot of small technical problems. It must be said that during our last previewwe were not reassured either.