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Up to -90% Off on Horror Games: Don’t Miss Out on These Scary Good Deals Including The Evil Within 2, MADiSON, Outlast 2, and Prey!

Horror Games on Sale: The Perfect Opportunity to Try Scary Titles

At this time, and until June 8, it is possible to take advantage of many reductions concerning horror games! These promotions will up to -90%which may be an opportunity for you to try titles that caught your eye.

The Evil Within 2 at €7.99

Released in 2017, The Evil Within 2 delighted fans of survival-horror of the whole world! By embodying the ex-inspector Sebastian Castellanos who is in search of answers, the player is immersed in a nightmarish world. Rated 15/20 by , the editorial team particularly appreciated the horrifying atmosphere, the direction artistic mastered, the gameplay refined and an advance technique compared to the previous opus. only €7.99 instead of €39.99 this title benefits from a reduction of -80%, enough to make many players want to discover it on PlayStation 4!

MADiSON at €24.49

If you like games first-person psychological horror, you might like MADiSON. Released last year, this title where the player can link the human world to the afterlife with a camera was rated 14/20 by our editorial staff. Among his points positives include the overall atmosphere, rather pretty environments, a decent lifespan and well-thought-out puzzles. Although it’s not perfect, offering a fairly classic adventure that struggles to stand out from its models, the whole thing is still quite pleasant for fans of the genre.

Outlast 2 at less than 3€

Anxiogenic atmosphere, blood and gore… This is what the Outlast license offers as a survival-horror. Released in 2017, four years after the first opus, Outlast 2 offers players the role of Blake Langermann, a cameraman working with his wife, who will have to live a most traumatic experience. On , this title had been rated 14/20, highlighting in particular son oppressive atmosphere as well as its many references to pop culture. Less than 3€ it’s hard to pass up this title if you enjoy the genre and haven’t played it yet.

Prey at €7.49

Straight out of the kitchens of Arkane Austin, Prey is the perfect UFO for your game nights. populate with menacing creatures. mingling qualitative staging and terrorthis adventure shines above all by son atmosphere and its different phases in first person view. Through a place unique in son genre, it managed to confuse many gamers who struggled to tell the floor from the ceiling. However, it had somewhat disappointed with its graphics and to cause some sequences not convincing enough. A title that remains good to discover, especially at a low price.


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