Update 1.10 for Final Fantasy 16 on PlayStation 5: Bug Fixes, Gameplay Changes, Free Costumes, and New Weapon

Final Fantasy 16 Update 1.10: New Costumes and Weapon Skin Feature

PlayStation 5 users of Final Fantasy 16 can now access a substantial update, version 1.10, which not only addresses various gameplay issues and bugs but also includes a new weapon and several free costume options. The costume options consist of a Burnt Black skin for Clive, a Snow White skin for Jill, and an Icy Blue skin for Torgal. In addition, the update introduces a novel feature that allows players to modify a weapon’s appearance without altering its statistics.

Naoki Yoshida Announces DLC and PC Version

The producer of Final Fantasy 16, Naoki Yoshida, recently made an announcement regarding the game’s upcoming plans, which include a PC version and FF16 DLC. The DLC will consist of two parts and will focus on the story of Valisthea. Yoshida explained that the development team received numerous opinions and reactions from the Final Fantasy XVI community, with a common request being for more exploration of Valisthea and its inhabitants. As a result, the team is currently working on a paid DLC that will cater to this demand. Yoshida also mentioned that a PC version is currently in development, but no release date has been confirmed yet.

Final Fantasy 16 Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Final Fantasy XVI patch 1.10, featuring new costumes amongst several updates to the game, is now live! Here are the patch notes:

  • Adds an Appearance feature to the Arete Stone in the hideaway.

    Players can modify the costumes of different characters, including Clive, and change the appearance of the weapon he wields to that of a previously obtained one. This function is accessible only after reaching a specific point in the story and is not available at the start of a New Game+ playthrough until the same point is reached. However, it is worth noting that this feature may be disabled in some scenes to maintain loading speed.

  • Awards each player an onion sword

    Accessing the Redeemable Items in the System menu allows for the acquisition of the onion sword, which grants Clive the ability to wield the blade favored by the Warriors of Light, the celebrated heroes from FINAL FANTASY III. The Redeemable Items function becomes available upon reaching a specific point in the story. It’s worth noting that the onion sword possesses the same characteristics as other downloadable weapons, such as the Braveheart and Blood Sword.

  • Reduces the time after a successful parry at which Eikonic abilities can be activated.
  • Increases the time small enemies remain vulnerable to follow-up attacks after being lifted into the air by the player, allowing for easier aerial combos.
  • Adds ability cooldown times to the relevant Details pages in the Abilities menu, including information on how these are affected by currently equipped accessories.
  • Make the following changes to the training options menu in Arete Stone’s Hall of Virtue:

    • Adds several options regarding Tergal’s behavior.
    • Adds an option to restart the simulation from the original settings.
    • Fixes some text issues.
  • Makes the following changes to Arcade Mode:

    • Adds a time limit to each stage.
    • Reduces the scores awarded by the abilities of Rime and Gouge.
  • Introduces a new leaderboard for players who have this update installed.

    For players who have not yet installed the update, they can still access and record their high scores on the old leaderboard. Once the update is installed, it will no longer be possible to view or record high scores on the old leaderboard. However, the scores that were recorded on the previous leaderboard will not be removed. In a future update, we plan to make the previous leaderboards visible to all players.

  • Make the following changes to the System menu:

    • Adds an Adaptive Triggers option to the Game Settings menu, which allows you to turn the wireless controller’s trigger effect function on or off.
    • Adds a Target Cycle option to the Game Settings menu, which allows you to choose one of four different methods of changing targets while locked onto an enemy.
    • Adjusts the functionality of the Player Follow (Attack) option in the Camera Settings menu, in order to correct an issue wherein the camera position would reset after some attacks even when this option was turned off.
    • Adds a Controller Volume option to the Sound Settings menu, which allows you to adjust the volume of sound effects played through the wireless controller’s speaker.
    • Adjusts the functionality of the Visual Alerts option in the Sound Settings menu, so that a preview of the alerts is displayed when the setting is turned on, and a confirmation dialog appears when the setting is changed.
  • Fixes several minor text issues.
  • Fixes various issues, including incorrect enemy actions in boss encounters, collision detection problems, character action triggers, notorious mark appearances, touchpad button functionality, weapon crafting in Final Fantasy mode, multi-language search function in The Thousand Tomes, and game progress transfer from demo version to full version.

Final Fantasy 16 update 1.10 provides PlayStation 5 players with new costumes, a weapon skin feature, and multiple bug fixes to enhance their gaming experience.

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