Update online of the black desert 1.85 adds some changes – Notes on patch on June 16

There are some improvements for Black Desert in line again! Pearl Abyss released the update 1.85 and we have the official patch Notes for you.

The new Patch online of the black desert 1.85 and now available for download. According to ours information there are some improvements and improvements to the central market.

Notes on patch by Black Desert Online June 16


● The standard for how Weapons of the same group price change has been changed as follows:

※ For weapons that share the same group, if there is a pre-order of weapon of the same group listed in to higher price, then you can’t sell a weapon of the same group to price less than this pre-order price.



Adapted to the weapon with the highest deviation between its market price and the established price.

Adjusted to trends in the average price of the same type of weapon.

The rules regarding how prices adjust in the Central Market was changed. Currently, the weapons are regarded as a single item (group) independently of class. But even after the update on On April 28th there was a issue where is the market price could change drastically if the prices of some weapons have increased compared to standard price. As a result, we have changed how prices for the same weapon floats doing the price vary depending on on the amount exchanged in so that price for the weapon itself does not change in based on specific transactions. Furthermore, for items with a high value (price of 20 billion silver or the items listed below) to the current standard (how of June 16), we have changed the saying items to appear 15 minutes after being listed on the Central Market e for a worldwide message to appear at the same time. (If said item has a pre-order, a separate notification will appear. The waiting time for the items lasts about 15 minutes.)

● Added a delay of about 15 minutes when listing some items that’s all items with a set price of 20,000,000,000 Silver o higher on the Central Market before they become available for purchase.

– Once certain items, including those with a set price of 20 billion silver or higher I’m in queue to be listed, all Adventurers will be notified by a notification displayed on the medium high of the screen.

– For ensure a safer exchange, you order for of course items (including those with a set price of 20 billion silver or higher) placed by (in waiting) adventurers at the same price, but not necessarily at the maximum price, will be carried out not from to first-as a base but in a random order.

– If the item failed to be listed, the item will be returned to your central market warehouse.

– Wishes need wait about 1 minute before you can put it back in sale a item that failed to register after the 15 minute waiting time.

– If one item you have placed a pre-order for is placed in the queue, you will see a user interface displayed on the part in bottom right of the screen showing the relative item name and time listed.

– Once the queue time is over, the item the transaction will be carried out out just like before.

– You can only register 1 item with the same name and level of improvement at a time.

– The aforementioned rules will apply to the following items even if they set price it’s not at 20,000,000,000 Silver either higher.

PEN (V) Advanced equipment

Helm of Giath

Red Nose Armor

Gloves of Bheg

Dim Tree Spirit armor

Griffin helmet

Leebur gloves

Urugon’s shoes

Ring of the Ogre

Tungrado necklace

Laytennnn Power Stone

Tungrado earring

Narc Ear Accessory

Ring of Crescent Guardian

Eye of the ring of ruins

Tungrado ring

Belt of the centaur

Basilisk belt

Valtarra Eclipse Belt

Tungrad Belt

Orkinrad belt

Manos golden coral belt

Blackstar battle ax

Blackstar Shamshir

Long Sword Blackstar

Longbow Blackstar

Black Star Amulet

Blackstar ax

Short sword Blackstar

Black Star Blade

Blackstar staff

Blackstar Kriegsmesser

Blackstar glove

Blackstar crescent pendulum

Blackstar crossbow

Blackstar Florang

Blackstar Morning Star

Blackstar Kyve

Advanced accessories TET (IV), PEN (V)

Black distortion earring

Ethereal earring

※ Elements added in the future May also to be added to these lists.

source: Black Desert | Pearl Abyss

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