Upstox starts its IPL campaign Start Karke Dekho

The multimedia marketing campaign includes advertising on TV, OTT, digital, and social media Platforms.

While digital and OTT platforms are used to achieve out Target segments in Subways and big Cities are dominated by television die media Mix for Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 cities.

The IPL 2021 will start on Friday (April 9th) with defend champions Mumbai Indians take on Royal Challenger Bangalore.

The campaign will run until the IPL final in Ahmedabad on 30th May.

Upstox is also known as RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd first Brokerage company, die entered into a partnership with IPL since cash-rich franchise-based T20cricket league was started in 2008.

The enterprise currently Has fast 3 million customers and aims to reach users deep in the country. His vision is to do it financial Easy, equitable and affordable for everyone to invest for everyone to do more with their money.

Upstox campaign aims to promote better financial Participation in the country by talking to the fact that sometimes it’s just about just to take die first step: Things are in the rule easier than expected as soon as you start.

It emphasizes that with Upstox, investing is extremely easy and hassle-free, straight from the first step. It features a series of Videos, die Insights in capture everyday situations.

People find it difficult to do regular tasks like touching oneZeh and taking escalators, but investing through Upstox easier and more engaging.

The campaign’s underlying goal is to create financial Raising awareness and promoting an investment culture across the country.

Leave a Comment on The campaignRavi Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO of Upstox, said: “We believe there is still a lot to be done in terms of promote a culture of investment in the country. The most important aspect of the campaign is that there is first-time users trust it start your investment journey. At Upstox we have want around die to update way Investing is done in India, just like IPL was reinvented cricket as a sport in India. We believe our campaign ‘Start Karke Dekho’ will have a significant impact on the millions of young people who want to better manage their funds. “

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