US Department of Energy lowers Brent oil price forecast for 2022

The US Department of Energy lowered its Brent oil price forecast for 2022 from $102.13 to $101.48 per barrel.

The agency also expects Brent prices to remain above $90 a barrel in early 2023.

She pointed out that the average price of oil could reach $92 per barrel in 2023.

He raised his 2022 U.S. daily oil production forecast by 40,000 bpd to 11.87 million bpd.

It also increased its expected 2023 production by 30,000 bpd to 12.34 million bpd.

And it is likely that by March 2023, the production of liquefied natural gas at the US Freeport LNG plant will reach full capacity.

Source: TASS