US Envoy in Yemen: Iran arms and trains the Houthis

Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak said the Houthis continued to violate the ceasefire agreements, noting that “the Houthis project is sectarian and racist”.

In a session entitled “The future of Yemen” during the “Mediterranean Dialogues” conference, Bin Mubarak said that “Iran is using Al-Houthi to achieve its interests”.

“We are looking for a sustainable mechanism to protect human rights in the country,” he added.

In turn, the United States envoy in Yemen, Tim Lenderking, said that “Iran is arming and training the Houthis … and Iran’s role in the crisis is not positive”.

“The crisis is not only regional, but threatens global shipping,” Lenderking said, underlining his country’s commitment to “resolving the conflict. in Yemen “.

Last week, bin Mubarak renewed his support for UN efforts to end the war and resume the political process.

During a telephone conversation with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, the minister discussed the latest developments on the Yemeni arena and the consequences of the Houthi aggression. in course on Marib.

Bin Mubarak renewed the Yemeni government’s support for the efforts led by the special envoy to end the current humanitarian crisis and stop the war.

He pointed out that the pace it will remain an important option for the Yemeni government and people, who are defending their identity to take down the illusion of control of the Houthi militia and the ambitions of its regional backer.

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