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US envoy: Iran will not escape with the help of the Russian attack on Ukraine

The special envoy from the United States in Iran, Robert Malley, said on Friday that the Iranian leadership would not be in able to get away with helping what he described as Russia’s “brutal aggression” against Ukraine.

Mali added on its official Twitter account that, despite Iranian denials, the prove of the use of demonstrations sold by Tehran to Russia against Ukrainian civilians are clear as sunshine.

And German Foreign Minister Annalina Birbock announced that the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven, meeting on Friday in Germany, have decided to impose further sanctions on Iran for violating human rights.

In a press conference at the end of the G7 foreign ministers meeting, Birbock said that “Iran refuses to answer to the International Atomic Energy Agency”.

In an implicit reference to Iran’s role in providing Moscow with the demonstrations it used to attack Kiev and other cities, the G7 decided to continue to impose “economic prices on Russia and other countries, individuals or institutions that provide military support. to the war in Moscow in Ukraine”.

Kiev spoke of Russia’s use of hundreds of Iranian “Shahid” drones in bombing operations on cities and multiple targets, targeting civilians.

On Thursday, NATO, represented by its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, announced during the visit of quest’last in Turkey, which would not accept that Tehran continued to provide marches to Moscow in the war in Ukraine, revealing Iranian plans to send missiles to Russia to bolster its position in war.

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