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US envoy: North Korea’s experiments are a “hoax” of the Security Council

On Friday, the United States accused Russia and China of providing “full protection” to North Korea from any additional UN Security Council measures and said the two countries “did everything possible” to prevent Pyongyang from being held responsible for its recent ballistic missile launches.

The United States, Great Britain, France, Albania, Ireland and Norway called for a Security Council meeting on Friday, after Pyongyang conducted several test missiles, including a failed attempt to test an ICBM.

The US ambassador to the United Nations announced on Friday that the series of test missiles conducted by North Korea constitutes a “mockery” of the Security Council, in a veiled criticism also of China and Russia.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield said during a session of the Security Council that “these members have justified the repeated violations by the DPRK and, in turn, have empowered and mocked this Council.”

“You cannot abdicate the responsibilities of the Security Council because North Korea could sell you weapons to support your war of aggression in Ukraine, or because you think it is a good regional buffer against the United States, “he added.

Diplomats said Russia and China were unlikely to consent to any council action on North Korean rocket launches.

“The board should play a constructive role instead of always focusing on exercising pressure. Under the current circumstances, the board should make an effort in particularly to ease the confrontation, reduce tensions and promote a political solution “, said the Chinese UN ambassador Zhang Jun.

For his part, the representative of France to the United Nations, Nicolas de Riviere, referred to “the activity in course and preparation for a seventh test nuclear in North Korea”.

In his speech to the Security Council, he considered that “Pyongyang continues its nuclear provocations” and called on it to disarm its nuclear weapons.

Seoul announced that North Korea had launched an ICBM on Thursday, but this operation was likely to have failed. in in the midst of a burst record of missiles launched from Pyongyang in 24 hours.

In response to the move by the northern neighbor, South Korea and the United States have announced the extension of joint air exercises between the two countries, which is the largest of its kind against the backdrop of “recent provocations” from the North. in a location Pyongyang was quick to describe as a “wrong choice”.

Additionally, the South Korean military announced the deployment of stealth fighters on Friday after monitoring the movement of 180 North Korean warplanes. in a new episode of high level of tension on the Korean peninsula.

On Friday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the recent missile launches from North Korea, urging Pyongyang to “immediately stop taking any further provocative action” and take immediate measures to resume talks aimed at the evacuation of the peninsula.
Korean nuclear weapons.

The Security Council has long since banned North Korea from leading test and ballistic missile launches and has tightened sanctions against Pyongyang over the years in an effort to cut funding for such programs.

But in recent years the 15-member board has been divided on how to deal with the lonely Asian nation. And in May, China and Russia vetoed a US-led attempt to impose more UN sanctions on North Korea for its renewed ballistic missile launches.

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