US federal judge overturns Texas ban on mandates of school masks

A US federal judge rejected the ban in statewide Texas Governor Greg Abbott on mask requirements in public schools, establishing that the ordinance children with disability in danger and violated federal law.

In a sentence on On Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Lee Yeakel said that Abbott’s May Executive Order – which banned government agencies, including public schools, by mandate face masks – era in disagreement with the Americans of 1990 with Disability Act and put children with health conditions a higher risk.

“The spread of Covid-19 represents an even bigger situation risk for children with special health needs “ Yeakel said, adding that the governor’s order ruled out “disabled children from participation in and denies them the benefits “ of public schools and “programs, services and activities to which they are entitled “.

The ruling could affect up to 5.3 million students in Texas, second status registers.

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The decision he arrives in half a long legal battle over Covid-19 mandates in the state, with the dress over masks in schools launched in August as an activist group Disability Rights Texas, which argued that school district leaders, not the governor, should Do decisions for which rules implement. Before being heard by a federal judge, the case made his way through the Supreme Court of Texas, which temporarily side with the governor, and later the plaintiffs, in a series of judgments before this year, though left the executive order intact.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton – who was named as a defendant in the cause alongside the governor and the commissioner of the Texas Education Agency, Mike Morath – She said he “strongly in disagreement[s]” with the sentence, and that his office and now “Considering all legal avenues for challenge this decision. “ In addition to finding Abbott’s order in violation of federal law, the judge also prevented Paxton from applying it.

The United States Department of Education under President Joe Biden has opened a civil rights investigation over the prohibition on mandates mask in September, notify the state government of the probe after the Texas Education Agency issued a reminder saying that “School systems cannot require students or staff to wear a mask.” Similar letters have been sent to other states banning warrants, including Florida, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. Each of them was told that their policies could prevent schools “From fulfilling their legal obligations to not discriminating in base on disability and the offer of equal educational opportunities to students with disability “, staking out a very topic like the one judge Yeakel made on Wednesday.

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