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US Gulf Statement: Iran threatens regional security with its weapons

The US State Department announced that a meeting between senior US officials and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council was held within the working group on the Iranian question. And he explained in a statement that the parties to the meeting agreed that Iran’s support for armed groups in the whole region and its ballistic and nuclear missile and drone program poses a clear threat to regional security and stability.

The statement added that Iran and its delegates used ballistic missiles and drones against civilians, infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and international navigation in the Oman Sea.

The meeting also underlined the common determination to contribute to regional security and stability.

The US-Gulf joint statement denounced Tehran’s “aggressive and dangerous policies”, including “the direct deployment and use of advanced ballistic missiles” and drones.

Negotiations aimed at relaunching the agreement concluded in 2015 between Tehran and the major powers on the Iranian nuclear program are expected to resume on November 29 in Vienna.

The Vienna Agreement made it possible to lift many of the sanctions imposed on Iran in exchange of the limitation of its nuclear activities and to ensure the pace of his program. However, the effects of the deal have been nullified since 2018, when the United States unilaterally withdrew from it during the era of former President Donald Trump and re-imposed severe sanctions on Iran.

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