US intelligence: Putin wants to take over most of Ukraine

US intelligence chief Gina Haspel confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin still wants to take over most of Ukraine.

He added in statements today Wednesday that Russia has lost many of its military capabilities and is difficult to restore quickly, noting that the Russian military is no longer in able to carry out concurrent operations, according to reports from “Reuters” agency.

The US intelligence chief also expected Russia’s tendency to launch cyber attacks and control energy, while stressing that it does not rule out Russia’s tendency to activate nuclear weapons.

nuclear weapon

The issue of nuclear weapons has sparked controversy since the beginning of the Russian military operation, as some Russian statements on the subject understood that it was a threat to use quest’weapon in confrontation with the West, which has aroused international condemnation, while Moscow has more than once denied any intention to do so.

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It is interesting to note that the United States is one of the most favorable countries to Ukraine, as confirmed by the administration of President Joe Biden since the first day of the Russian operation to support Kiev and provide it with the necessary military and financial support.

While the Pentagon has repeatedly announced that the supply of its country and its Western allies to Ukraine of weapons, including heavy artillery, radar systems and attack drones, will continue apace, to repel Russian forces, which since 24 February they launched their armed forces operation on the territory of the western neighbor.

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