US Official: The Taliban will allow Americans and others to leave Afghanistan

A US official said the Taliban authorities agreed to allow the departure of 200 American civilians and citizens of other countries who remained in Afghanistan after the end of the American evacuation process, on chartered planes from Kabul airport.

The official told Reuters that US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad pressured the Taliban to allow these people to leave.

The group is expected to leave on Thursday. The official did not say whether Americans and citizens of other countries were among those stranded for days in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif because the chartered planes could not leave.

A senior US official said a few days ago that four Americans had fled Afghanistan via land, as part of the departure operations that the United States had organized for the first time since their withdrawal from the country at the end of August.

He added that the Taliban were aware of this and “did not stop” them from leaving Afghanistan, not to mention in which border country these Americans entered.

And the US military established a huge airlift in Kabul in mid-August, allowing the evacuation of about 123,000 people until the date of its withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Washington said 75 to 80 percent of those were. ” Afghans at risk. “

US officials say other Americans may have left since the US ended its withdrawal from Afghanistan in late August, but by its own means.

Washington confirms that it is closely monitoring whether the Taliban will deliver on their promise to allow American citizens and allies to leave, as they discuss how to deal with the movement that took control of the capital, Kabul on August 15, with the collapse of the country. America – government supported.

US officials say more than 100 Americans, most of them dual citizens, still are in Afghanistan after the airlift that allowed the evacuation of tens of thousands of people.

And quickly, opponents of US President Joe Biden accused him of abandoning the Americans.

It is believed that tens of thousands of translators and other people who supported the US mission and their families are still there in Afghanistan, and many of them fear reprisals despite the assurances of the Taliban.
With the chaos engulfing the Kabul airport, land routes remain there via most important exit from Afghanistan, especially through Pakistan or Iran, which has no diplomatic relations with Washington.

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