US official to Maryam Mahdi: We support a civilian government in Sudan

Today, Tuesday, US Assistant Secretary of State Molly met with former Sudanese foreign minister, Maryam Al-Mahdi.

And the US embassy in Khartoum said in a tweet on her Twitter account that “Molly met with Al-Mahdi this morning to show US support for the civilian-led transitional government.”

He also added that “Al-Mahdi has emerged as a strong voice in the movement to restore democracy and fulfill the aspirations of the Sudanese people for freedom, pace and justice “.

Looking for a solution

Mauli had met the head of the army today, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, who confirmed that he does not oppose Abdullah Hamdouk’s return to the leadership of the competent government.

Later he will also meet Mawly Hamdok, as part of his visit, which aims to find a solution to the crisis in Sudan.

A State Department statement yesterday said Molly will urge a number of the country’s leaders at her meetings today to release government officials and politicians who have been arrested since the military announced the imposition of a series. of exceptional measures, and to return Hamdok to his place.

extraordinary measures

On that day, Al-Burhan announced the dissolution of the government and the Sovereign Council, as well as the dissolution of a series of committees, led by the “Removal of Power” committee, and the dismissal of a number of overseas ambassadors.

Efforts have been initiated at the local and external level since that date to resolve the crisis, but Hamdok adhered to the condition of releasing the detainees, and of bringing things back before exceptional measures, to accept a proposal presented to him by the army through mediators to form a new government.

Interestingly, Maryam Al-Mahdi, the second woman to occupy the foreign ministry seat after the revolution in Sudan belongs to a well-established political family.

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