US planes fly over Ukraine and Russia strengthens its forces

Amid high tensions with Russia, the US Air Force flew over an E-8C over eastern Ukraine on Monday in a secret reconnaissance mission.

In detail, a spokesman for the US command in Europe, Ross Wolfkill, said this is the first time the plane has flown over the region, according to CNN.


However, the Pentagon did not disclose the plane’s path or its reconnaissance information, but Wolfkill said the U.S. regularly operates planes in the Black Sea region in support of various U.S. and coalition intelligence objectives.

The mission also came just two days after the withdrawal of more than 10,000 Russian soldiers from various regions near Ukraine.

While the Ukrainian government approved the flight, information was received that the plane remained far from the Donbass region, which is under the control of pro-Russian forces demanding independence from Ukraine.

However, the aircraft can track movement on both sides of the border without entering in areas of conflict.

International fears of the Russian crowd

Interestingly, the Russian buildup on the border raised fears that Moscow might invade its neighbor again, following the 2014 annexation of Crimea, which Russia has repeatedly denied.

Satellite images show the continuation of Russian military reinforcements near Ukraine
Satellite images show the continuation of Russian military reinforcements near Ukraine

President Biden had a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this month in which he warned that Russia would suffer economic consequences if it chose to invade Ukraine.

Biden is also expected to have another phone call with the Russian leader on Thursday before broader discussions on the country’s security demands.

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