US police reveal details of the Monterey Park massacre

US police said the reason for the Monterey Park massacre, which left 10 dead, was jealousy, as the perpetrator was looking for his wife in one studio dance studio.Enraged, Hou Kan Tran, 72, went on a rampage at the Star Ballroom dance studio in California in Monterey Park Sunday night, killing five women and five men and wounding several others, before shooting himself during a confrontation with police.

A police source told the Los Angeles Times they were there prove growing that everything was driven by domestic violence.

Chester Chung, president of the Los Angeles China Chamber of Commerce and leader of the Chinese community that organizes the Monterey Park party, said the perpetrator was jealous he wasn’t invited to a party his wife was attending.

He continued on ABC 7: This hatred between husband and wife was the reason why innocent people were killed.

And the British newspaper, the Daily Mail revealed that Tran was giving dance lessons in the same studio in where the crime took place, in the early 2000s, where he met his wife and they soon got married, but their marriage fell apart in 2005.

It was reported that Tran had fled the scene and stayed in freedom until Monday morning when the police stopped him in the truck in where he had been sighted, and after an hours-long confrontation, Tran died of his injuries after shooting himself.