US problems threaten veiled over The Iranian nuclear program

Come on of the US-Iran nuclear talks in Vienna, the US envoy said Washington will “not stand by” if Tehran chooses to block talks and advance its nuclear power program to the point that it is “too close” to a working weapon.

“We are ready to get back in the agreement and to lift everything of penalties that are inconsistent with the deal. So if Iran wants to get back in the agreement, it has a way do that, “ of the Department of State special envoy for Iran, Robert Malley, told NPR on Tuesday.

If Iran doesn’t wish to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), “If he continues to do what he seems to be doing now, which is to drag his feet to the nuclear diplomatic table and speed up his own pace when it comes to its nuclear power program, if this is the path chooses, we will have to respond accordingly “, Malley added.

If they start get too close, too close for comfort then of Of course we will not be willing to stand by and watch.

The United States and Iran are getting closer and closer to war

TO KNOW MORE: The United States and Iran are getting closer and closer to war

The deal, negotiated by the Obama administration in 2015, expected complete outside supervision of Iranian civilian nuclear power program, in exchange for remission of penalties. In addition to the United States and Iran, the JCPOA involved China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom. The Trump administration took out the United States out of the deal in May 2018, however, and imposed further sanctions against Tehran.

A new round of nuclear talks are due to start in Austria on Monday. While the Iranian delegation refuses to meet with Malley directly, discussions will involve an EU diplomat shuttling between the two. Iran calls for a lift of all sanctions, but the Biden administration has said it will only discuss measures imposed by its predecessor, including a ban on Other countries buy Iranian oil.

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