US report: Moscow plans to take over the Ukrainian capital

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans so far remain unclear and US officials still don’t know what will happen or whether Putin has made the decision to invade Ukraine.

But some US officials who have seen the intelligence claim it is there prove that Russia is planning an attempt to take over the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and overthrow the government, according to CNN.

US sources considered the deployment of forces from Russia’s Eastern Military District to be threatening in Belarus on Monday, as well as the series of cyber attacks on Ukraine last week.

There are also those who believe that Russia is likely to launch a very limited operation in eastern Ukraine aimed at securing a land bridge to Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

A Ukrainian official, as in the case of the US administration Joe Biden, said Ukrainian officials had not concluded that Putin had made his decision, adding that the talks in Europe have had no tangible impact on the crisis.

Meanwhile, the buildup of Russian forces along Ukraine’s borders and in neighboring Belarus has continued to grow.

“We see that this does not lead to a de-escalation, the process of mobilization continues. But it is not yet sufficient to carry out and support a large-scale invasion, but the mobilization is considered to be large,” the official said.

As part of the military upgrade, Russia has deployed more aircraft near the border, raising fears of a significant air component in a possible invasion.

The official added that Ukrainian defense officials are in daily contact with their American counterparts in the Pentagon, preparing for a number of different actions the Russians could take.

“We have prepared an answer for each scenario . We will fight if something happens. Our people are ready to fight and every window will disappear if the Russians enter,” the official said.

For its part, US sources have revealed that the Biden administration is studying new options, including supplying more weapons to Ukraine to resist Russian occupation, in an attempt to increase costs for Russian President Vladimir Putin if he decides to invade. the country.

The discussions, described by multiple insiders, reflect a sense of pessimism in the administration after last week’s diplomatic talks with Russian officials yielded no breakthroughs as Russia continues to raise its levels of power in recent days.

The United States is evaluating options to improve the ability of Ukrainian forces to resist a possible Russian occupation.

This includes the potential supply to the Ukrainian military of ammunition, mortars, Javelin anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft missile systems, which are likely to come from NATO allies, a senior US official told CNN.

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