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US research suffers from shortage of lab monkeys

The shortage of monkeys intended for experiments and research on them caused suffering for American scientists when conducting scientific experiments with a delay of up to a year.

This was reported by the Financial Times, citing experts, noting the difficulties in ensuring the safety of so-called non-human primates, which, according to him, are very important in establishing the safety of drugs during early studies.

It is noteworthy that China was previously considered the main supplier of these research monkeys to the United States, but in 2020 Beijing imposed a ban on their export.

As a result, the price of this test animal tripled between 2019 and 2022.

And the website specialized in analytics, Evercore ISI, said that by 2023 this figure will grow to 30-35 thousand dollars.

In turn, suppliers warned investors of possible disruptions in imports from Cambodia after Washington accused a number of local officials of smuggling monkeys into the United States for research purposes.

The organization for the protection of animals PETA also noted that American scientists have not been able to breed “complex” species of monkeys, as they could not avoid the high mortality among these animals.

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