US, Russia, China and Pakistan meet to discuss Afghanistan as humanitarian crisis worsens

the representatives of die four countries — known as the extended troika — also “met with senior Taliban representatives on the sidelines” of die meeting in Islamabad, according to a Joint statement of 15 points released by the Ministry of Pakistan of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting comes weeks after a similar discussion was held in Moscow, which was not attended by the United States. US Special Representative Tom West was in attendance on Thursday extended troika talks.

The extended troika “(e) expressed deep concern over the serious humanitarian and economic situation in Afghanistan and repeated immovable support for the people of Afghanistan,” and “(w) welcomed the international community’s urgent provision of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and expressed its grave concern over the possible for an economic collapse and a significantly worsening humanitarian crisis and a new refugee wave.”

David Beasley of the World Food Program said on Thursday that “the world’worst humanitarian crisis unfolds’ in Afghanistan, where? more than 22 million people could be risk of famine.

The joint statement “(a)recognized international concerns of humanitarian actors over the country’s serious liquidity challenges and determined to stay focused on measures to relieve access to legitimate banking services.”

The Taliban has no access to the Afghan central bank are billions of dollar in reserves, most of it of die are frozen in The United States.

The US, Russia, China and Pakistan called on the Taliban to allow unhindered humanitarian access and “(a) greed to pursue practical engagement with the Taliban to encourage execution of moderate and prudent policy that can help achieve a stable and prosperous Afghanistan if soon if possiblethe joint statement said.

The US is engaged with but did not recognize the interim Taliban government, die came to power after the capitulation of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and after the in take up a lot of Afghanistan in a quick military campaign.

A US high-level delegation between agencies met with Taliban representatives for multiple days of meetings in Doha last month. The United States special representative, die earlier this week met spoke to reporters from Brussels, said the US was preparing for another inter-agency meeting with the Taliban.

Interim of the Taliban government — all male and compound of members of the Taliban and Haqqani network — has imposed strict social restrictions, in the special on women.

The joint statement “(c)alled on the Taliban to work with fellow Afghans to take with you steps to be an inclusive and representative government die respects the rights of all Afghans and offers for equal rights of women and girls to join in all aspects of Afghan society.”

The Four Nations “(w) welcomed the Taliban’s continued commitment to” allow for the safe passage of all who wish to travel to and from Afghanistan and encouraged rapid progress, with the begin of winter, on arrangements to in to set up airports all over the country die commercial air traffic, die are essential to enable the uninterrupted flow of humanitarian help.”

In the briefing with reporters, West, USA special representative, said that “the Taliban over have generally delivered” on their commitment to us, until allow Afghans to whom we owe something special stake and US citizen and LPRs out of the country, over the past several weeks in special.”

West said the “real challenge” to safe passage is “possible logistics, especially because we head in the winter months”, noting that Kabul . airport ability to operate in the winter “is” in question.”

Pentagon Steps Up Efforts to Evacuate Families of Department of Defense Service Members from Afghanistan

The extended troika “(c)condemned” in the strongest terms the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and called on the Taliban to sever ties with all international terrorist groups, dismantle and eliminate them in a decisive way, and to deny space against any terrorist organization operating in the country.”

West told reporters this week that the US is “worried over the revival” in ISIS-K attacks” and wants the Taliban to succeed against them.

“We want the Taliban to succeed against ISIS-K. I think they have a very vigorous effort going on? against Which group’, he said. ‘We condemn the innocent loss? of Afghan lives die have taken place in the last few weeks of brutal ISIS-K attacks in the whole country.”

“When it comes to other groups, look, Al Qaeda is still there” in Afghanistan we are bad concerned over, and that’s a issue of ongoing care for us in U.S dialogue with the Taliban,” he added.

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