US sanctions list lists individuals and entities for their association with “Hezbollah”

Today, the US Department of the Treasury has designated the financial facilitator associated with the terrorist organization Hezbollah, Adnan Ayyad, as well as members of an international network of facilitators and associated companies.

The ministry said in a statement issued by it: “It listed Adnan Ayyad, Jihad Adnan Ayyad, Ali Adel Diab and 10 companies under Executive Order No. 13224 and its amendments, which target terrorists, leaders and officials of terrorist groups and those who provide support for terrorists or terrorist acts and others “.

He noted that these financial facilitators helped the terrorist Hezbollah to obtain funds through company networks disguised as legitimate companies.

For its part, the US State Department confirmed in a statement released in this regard that efforts to evade sanctions by those identified today are a prime example of how Hezbollah has violated the international financial system to finance its terrorist and illegal activities.

The statement renewed the U.S. commitment to thwart Hezbollah’s illegal terrorist activity, including attempts to evade sanctions through trade networks, stressing that Hezbollah’s actions threaten the security, stability and sovereignty of the Lebanese people.