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US Senate asks automakers about Chinese supply chains

Ron Wyden, chairman of the US Senate Finance Committee, has asked major US automakers, including Tesla, General Motors and Ford, to provide details on their Chinese supply chains, after a studio has found links between some automakers and Chinese entities in the region, US officials say It has forced labor activities.

Wyden sent letters to eight automakers, asking about their supply chains to determine if any of them were connected to the region in which the Uyghur minority allegedly suffered abuses.

He pointed to the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Law, which President Joe Biden signed last year and entered in force in June. It says that imports from China’s Xinjiang region should not be allowed into the country unless the importer can prove in convincing evidence that the products were not manufactured through “forced labour”.

Wyden told the companies the information he requested “will aid in the Senate Finance Committee’s investigation into the effectiveness of U.S. trade efforts to combat forced labor.” in China,” CNBC reported.

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