US Senator: Iranian oil import could expose Lebanon to sanctions

A US senator said Thursday that Lebanon’s takeover of Iranian oil could make it vulnerable to sanctions, describing Iran’s efforts to refuel Lebanon as “an opportunity to get in show. “According to the site web of the Lebanese channel LBCI.

Senator Chris Murphy did not clarify the type of sanctions Lebanon could be subject to.

Furthermore, he added that Lebanon needs a government “so that the people can get out of this crisis”, noting that the United States “needs a prime minister to talk and negotiate with him”.

strong message

He explained that he came in Lebanon with a strong message “on the importance of the upcoming elections in 2022, where voters will have the opportunity to elect a new leadership and some new faces, but only if the elections are held in time and if I’m safe. “

Iranian news agency Fars confirmed Thursday that the Iranian ship laden with diesel entered Syrian territorial waters on Wednesday.

US Senator: Iranian oil import could expose Lebanon to sanctions

From a petrol station in Lebanon (Reuters archive)

He has indicated that he will disembark his cargo in Syria to be subsequently transported by oil tankers in Lebanon.

The load is in trip to Lebanon

Furthermore, i media Lebanese circulating in Hezbollah’s orbit confirmed that the Iranian cargo was emptied at Baniyas and in journey to Lebanon.

Interestingly, the Lebanese energy minister in the interim government, Raymond Ghajar, had pointed out yesterday, Wednesday, that he had not received a request to import Iranian fuel.

Asked if Iranian ships had obtained permission to transport fuel to the country, he replied that he had no information, saying, “We have no information, we have not been asked for permission, that’s what I’m just saying,” according to Lo reports. “Reuters”.

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, had repeated several times in recent days that ships loaded with fuel and diesel have left Iran and will arrive in the country very soon.

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