US Treasury imposes sanctions on 3 Hezbollah people

The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on 3 Hezbollah militia personnel, accusing them of facilitating the transfer of funds to the party.

And he explained in a statement on Tuesday that the sanctioned individuals facilitated the financing of Hezbollah through exchange hubs.

He also stated that the Office of The department’s Foreign Assets Control had identified a number of individuals and entities associated with facilitating the party’s financial activities.

And he said that “at the heart of this network is a Lebanese money changer and financial expert who has played an important role in enabling Hezbollah to continue to exploit and exacerbate the economic crisis in Lebanon.

The Treasury has also designated Sarafa, a financial services company owned by the Lebanese money changer, as well as two of his sons who facilitate their father’s financial businesses and his company in support of Hezbollah.

“Take advantage of the suffering of the Lebanese”

In turn, the US State Department said that “sanctioned Hezbollah personnel have profited from the Lebanese crisis for private gain.”

He added: “The teller, Hassan, is an opportunistic impersonator who has profited from the suffering of the Lebanese in favor of Hezbollah.”

He also explained that “the punished network of cashiers provided the money to purchase Hezbollah’s weapons.”

previous sanctions

It was reported that in December 2022, the United States imposed sanctions on individuals and companies for allegedly providing financial services to the Lebanese group Hezbollah and for facilitating the purchase of weapons for the group.

The US Treasury said at the time, in a statement, that the Office of The Treasury Department’s Foreign Assets Control had filed an action against two individuals and two headquartered companies in Lebanon for providing financial services to “Hezbollah”, together with another person involved in facilitate the purchase of weapons for the group.

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