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US Treasury: the blockade in China increases pressure on supply chains


The US Treasury said the closure in China is increasing pressure on supply chains.

And the authorities of the Chinese capital decided, at the end of last April, to close some public places, and to increase the exams in other places, with most of the city residents having begun to lead more test mass for Covid-19.

Some schools, entertainment venues and tourist sites also closed. Shanghai shut down the entire city and transformed the lives of 25 million residents due to the registration of thousands of new infections at the end of March.

Beijing is taking measures with caution after the prolonged lockdown in China’s largest city, Shanghai, which has led to food shortages and public anger.

Interestingly, the Chinese authorities continue to follow the policy “zero Covid “to limit the spread of the Crown, which requires the imposition of closures and mass exams as they fight the largest outbreak of the epidemic since its early days.

China is suffering from a significant spread of the Corona virus, as the National Health Committee announced today Tuesday that mainland China recorded 3,475 new cases of Corona virus on May 9, including 357 symptomatic and 3,118 asymptomatic.

The previous day, China recorded 4,333 new infections, 415 of which had symptoms and 3,918 of which were symptom-free.

China also recorded six new deaths, bringing the country’s total to 5,191 deaths. The six deaths were recorded in Shanghai, which is experiencing the largest outbreak of the virus in China.

Authorities said mainland China had recorded 220,397 injuries as of May 9.

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