Users of Apple TV Complain About the tvOS 16.2 “Watch Now” Redesign

According to numerous Reddit users, Apple TV customers are dissatisfied with the design changes made to the Apple TV app with the release of tvOS 16.2, iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and macOS Ventura 13.1.

Users of Apple TV Complain About the tvOS 16.2 Watch Now Redesign

Apple downgraded the “Up Next” area in the “Watch Now” tab of the Apple TV software in tvOS 16.2 and its sister upgrades, adding a huge featured content section with no ability to deactivate it. The previews also autoplay audio material, much to the chagrin of Apple TV owners. Sean310 on Reddit says:

I HATE the new format.
And they roll right into previews with audio. WTF Apple?
Up Next is tiny now & easily skipped over (on purpose).
And when you are on the Up Next row, the same Apple TV+ shows take up 85% of the screen below.

When tvOS 16.2 was beta tested, a full “Featured” section was shown above Up Next. Still, Apple changed the design after many complaints. “Up Next” continues to be visible at the bottom of the Watch Now tab. Still, most of the interface is taken up by a rotating carousel featuring shows and TV moves.

Users of Apple TV Complain About the tvOS 16.2 Watch Now Redesign

There is no option to disable the featured area or return to the UI that is more focused on Up Next. Apple provides simple access to “Go to Show” and “Go to Movie” as it moves through the material. Though the interface modification has been available since the release of tvOS 16.2 on December 13, the tvOS auto-update feature recently distributed the upgrade to a wider audience. What: From Reddit user WikiWiki

Mine updated last night, and it feels like a massive downstep. It no longer feels like a premium product and more like a cheaper ad-driven platform, and I would at least like the option to revert to the old “up next” view at the very least.

Since tvOS 16.2 was tested, Apple TV customers have complained about these design changes. Apple has not attempted to provide choices for reverting to the previous UI. It is still being determined whether the increase in complaints will sway the corporation. For the time being, the interface is here to stay. These identical design improvements have also been introduced in the TV app for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

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