Usman Khawaja reveals that he was told he didn’t die “Real skin” play cricket in Australia

Khawaja told ESPNCricinfo, “When I was younger in Australia, that amount of Once I was told that I would never do it play for Australia, I haven’t die correct skin color was immense. I was told I don’t fit in die team, and they wouldn’t pick me. That was die Mentality, but now it’s starting to change. “

The 34-year-old cricketer of Pakistani origin made his international debut in die ash series in 2011. The southpaw, who was born in Islamabad moved to Australia with his family when he was five years old he said he hadn’t got any support in die early days in Australian cricket. He has played 44 tests so far for Australia.

“When I started to be more involved in cricket, people with Legacy of the subcontinent in Australia came up to me and said: ‘We are very happy to see you upstairs. See somebody like you, we feel that we have a part in the Australian team, and we support the Australian team. We didn’t do it before and we’re doing it now, “said Khawaja.

“And that happened again and again over and over and over again. The more When that happened, I realized that my background matters and it makes a difference. And then I probably noticed it from my childhood took me for a while support Australia. I don’t really support Australia if i first went [from Pakistan] because I didn’t really get it, “he said added.

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