Vaccination and examination accompany travelers. These are the final requirements for traveling in different countries of the world

Countries of the world have begun to restore in their most of the travel movement, since the beginning of questyear, but the mutations of the Corona pandemic, remained a ghost that chases travelers as their shadow, so that the double “vaccine” and “nasal” swab “remained with all the tourists and other travelers.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has allowed the return of residents from countries that Suspended in previously, those who completed two doses of the Corona vaccine were suspended within the kingdom before leaving it.

The Directorate General of Passports has invited all non-Saudi travelers in I arrive in the Kingdom to electronically register the vaccines before their arrival, via the link: to help speed up entry procedures and reduce waiting times in ports of entry.


Kuwait has implemented new controls since the beginning of August 2021, which include not accepting any passengers in I arrive in the State of Kuwait, except after obtaining a negative PCR test certificate proving that it is free from the Corona virus, as long as it is valid for “72 hours”, and that no symptoms appear upon arrival. In Kuwait, such as high fever, sneezing, cold, cough and others.

As for vaccinated with the vaccine within Kuwait, after the appearance of the green color on the “Immunity / My identity” application, they must complete the registration in the “Shlonak” application in addition to the “Kuwait-Mosafer” platform.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE has decided to open reception of tourist visa applications for vaccinated tourists from all countries that have received doses complete Corona vaccine (Covid-19) approved by the World Health Organization, starting August 30, 2021.

This decision includes countries from which entry was previously banned, with the mandatory rapid PCR laboratory examination in airport, provided that the above requirements remain valid for unvaccinated groups, including excluded unvaccinated groups.

New Zeland

New Zealand’s prime minister said most of the country could come out of the lockdown amid continued progress in fighting the delta-type Covid-19 outbreak.


Singapore has reduced the time window for i test pre-reception for all travelers from most countries to keep in restrictions on vaccines and nasal swab tests have been in place until now.

Great Britain

The UK has eased travel restrictions on arrivals from 12 countries, including 4 Arabs, it had previously imposed to curb the Corona virus outbreak, while tightening measures for arrivals from 5 other countries.

Under the new decisions, people from Green List countries are not required to undergo quarantine upon arrival in the UK, but are required to do a test coronavirus before departure and two days after arrival.


In the United States, travel restrictions remain uneven, especially with the restriction of the granting of tourist and short work visas, with the exception of student visas, and officials discuss the effectiveness of the third booster dose against Covid-19, with The White House responding to criticism is rushing to strengthen, the German news agency (Dpa) reported. Group of 20 health ministers agreed to work to achieve greater equity in vaccine distribution in a Sunday meeting in Rome, according to “Bloomberg”.

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