‘Valorant’ Agent list: Abilities, ultimates and more of each character

Here are your starting 10.

When “Valorant” strikes computer systems this summertime, there will be 10 characters (called “Agents”) from which to pick. Keep this in mind: The team over at Riot Games is working through beta now, attempting to get the kinks worked out on a lot of these characters; so what’s noted here is definitely subject to alter come the official release.

If some of these characters appear familiar, you’re not the only one who believes it. While the gameplay takes hints from “Overwatch” and “Counterstrike,” some of these characters likewise most likely draw motivation from games like “Rainbow Six Siege” in the method their abilities are utilized.

So, if you’re a veteran of some of these first- individual shooter games, then possibilities are some of these characters may appear and play familiar to you– extremely familiar.

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Here’s what you need to understand about all the recognized characters up until now in this game:

‘ Valorant’ classes

Similar to a lot of various FPS games, there are 4 various classes in “Valorant:” Duelist, Initiator, Guard and Controllers.

  • Duelists are the ones who press forward into disputes with the enemyteam Believe of them as assailants.
  • Initiators concentrate on event intel and assist the team push.
  • Guards are protectors, normally playing the back line of a team.
  • Controllers are proficient at obstructing off sight lines and typically provide assistance to the team.

‘ Valorant’ character abilities

Each character in “Valorant” has 4 abilities: one main capability that includes the Agent, the supreme maneuver which is charged up with time and 2 more abilities that you can purchase throughout the pre-round purchase duration.

A good quantity of these abilities are implied to slow and obscure the enemy team from advancing. A lot of them are likewise location of result (AOE) attacks, which damage or impact challengers within a picked radius.

Just Like “Overwatch,” an Agent’s supreme capability will be charged with time and can be sped up upon controling challengers. You can likewise get orbs throughout the map which will assist the charging of the supreme.

With simply 10 Agents understood prior to the game’s official release (and more possibly in the pipeline), here’s what you need to understand about each Agent and their unique abilities.

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‘ Valorant’ Agent list


  • Sky Smoke: You can pick one or numerous points on a map that drops a smoke grenade that obscures vision.
  • Orbital Strike (supreme): Select a location on the map and a laser harms all inside the blast radius.
  • Stim Beacon (optional): An AOE combat stim which increases firerate Both colleagues and opponents alike can utilize this.
  • Incendiary (optional): A grenade launcher that fires off an incendiary round.


  • Paint Shells: Tosses a cluster grenade. Explodes and offers damage.
  • Showstopper (supreme): Utilizes a rocket launcher that deals damage over a big location.
  • Boom Bot (optional): Strolls throughout the flooring and later on blows up, dealing damage to opponents.
  • Blast Load (optional): Tosses like Semtex grenades or C4. Can be activated.


  • Spycam: Tosses a cam down that can indicate where challengers are.
  • Neural Theft (supreme): Tosses down a gadget on dead challengers that can show where the enemy team is.
  • Trapwire (optional): A tripwire that slows opponents and exposes their place– unnoticeable to enemy eyes.
  • Cyber Cage (optional): Drops an AOE screen that slows challengers, obscures vision and is signified by an audio hint.


  • Tailwind: Dash in the instructions you’re moving.
  • Bladestorm (supreme): Get a number of knives that you can toss at challengers– charges as you get eliminates.
  • Cloudburst (optional): Toss a projectile that will toss a vision-blocking cloud.
  • Updraft (optional): You can drift as much as otherwise-unreachable heights and drift around.


  • Dark Cover: Fires down an orb that obscures vision.
  • From the Shadows (supreme): Can teleport to any point on the map. Can be disrupted by the enemy team.
  • Shrouded Action (optional): Can teleport to a significant place.
  • Fear (optional): Fires a throwable that can go through walls and blind challengers.


  • Geological fault: Chargeable attack that can stun players within the zone of result.
  • Rolling Thunder (supreme): Fires an AOE attack that stuns challengers and knocks them in the air, however does not harm them.
  • Aftershock (optional): Fires a charge through the wall, however takes a minute to charge.
  • Flashpoint (optional): Fires a blinding charge through walls, however takes a minute to charge.


  • Harmful Screen: Fire out a wall of toxin smoke.
  • Viper’s Pit (supreme): Produces a big broadening sphere of toxin around you.
  • Snake Bite (optional): Fires down a swimming pool of toxin that harms challengers.
  • Toxin Cloud (optional): Tosses down a cloud of toxin gas that can be triggered later on.


  • Hot hands: Produces a fire zone that harms opponents.
  • Run it Back (supreme): Places a marker on the ground that you can teleport back to.
  • Blaze (optional): Produces a flame wall that deals damage and obscures vision.
  • Curveball (optional): Basically a manageable flash grenade. It blinds both opponents and colleagues.


  • Recovery Orb: Fire this at an ally to recover them. Not immediate, however heals with time.
  • Resurrection (supreme): Can reanimate colleagues.
  • Barrier Orb (optional): Places a strong wall.
  • Slow Orb (optional): AOE capability that slows challengers.


  • Reconnaissance Bolt: Fires a tracking arrow that exposes gamer places within a specific location.
  • Hunter’s Fury (supreme): Fires 3 shots that can pierce walls and damages challengers.
  • Owl Drone (optional): Flies a reconnaissance drone and can shoot opponents with a fire arrow.
  • Shock Bolt (optional): Strikes opponents with a shock arrow that can bounce off of walls.

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