Vanessa Feltz Splits From Fiancé Ben Ofoedu Amid Cheating Allegations

Vanessa Feltz, a 60-year-old presenter and broadcaster, has recently announced her split from her fiancé of 16 years, Ben Ofoedu, amid suspicions of him cheating on her. Feltz, who is an agony aunt on the show TalkTV, admitted she was shocked and heartbroken to hear the news and that the trust in the relationship had gone. She has since said that “who knew I’d be single at 60?” and that she was taking her own advice on the matter. Sources have said that Ben has cheated on Vanessa “copiously, all over the place”, and that he has likely taken advantage of her hard work while she was away. Feltz was previously married to surgeon Michael Kurer and the pair have two daughters and four grandchildren.