Victim of an attack in Canada … and die Police arrest a suspect

The Canadian police announced on Saturday die Murder of a person and die Wounding five other people In an attack Biskin aimed at a library in Vancouver off and added in added a tweet that a suspect had been arrested in the accident, indicating that there was no ongoing threat to die Public more existed.

Authorities did not reveal any details of the possible motive for the attack, which occurred that afternoon in and around die Library took place.

Canadian police officer Frank Zhang told France Press that one of the wounded had died and said that die Authorities “are still working die Identify victims “.

CTV also aired a video clip showing the die Arrest of the suspect shows who is apparently about to collapse in stabbed the leg and was arrested by police.

A spokeswoman for the rescue service announced that six people in Hospitals were brought in with no further details of their health.

Witness Shayla Dyson told CTV that she saw a man stab a woman and there appeared to be no connection between them as the attacker continued to stab arbitrarily.

Andrew Cocking, who lives 500 meters from the library, told France Press The abuse It happened in a generally quiet area, adding, “I saw people die next to a car and also next to a restaurant received first aid from paramedics before they were placed on stretchers. “

He described die Matter also called “very sad, especially since one of them was apparently a child”, noting that his brother was “only 30 minutes before the attack in the library was “.

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