Video .. 6 dead in a shooting in a Russian university

A gunman opened fire on a university in the Russian city of Perm on Monday morning, killing 6 people and injuring others, the Russian federal investigative committee said.

The Russian Interior Ministry said the gunman was subsequently arrested.

The Perm State University press service reported that the author used a so-called “traumatic” firearm, a weapon designed to fire non-lethal rubber or plastic bullets, but which can be modified to fire other ammunition.

College students and staff locked themselves in rooms, and the university urged those who could leave campus to do so.

State news agency TASS cited an anonymous law enforcement agency source that some students jumped out of the windows of a building.

The number of injured is uncertain, as the reports ranged from six to 14, and it was unclear whether any of them were injured while jumping from the building.

Perm is located about 1,100 kilometers east of Moscow and has a population of around one million. The university has around 12,000 students.

There was no immediate information on the identity of the gunman or on a possible motive.

In May, a gunman opened fire on a school in Kazan, killing seven students and two teachers.

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