Video: A clash between Hungarian fans and British police at Wembley Stadium

Dozens of Hungarian fans clashed with police at Wembley Stadium at the start of the World Cup qualifier match on Tuesday.

About 600 Hungarian fans gathered in a small corner of the stadium, many of them wearing black T-shirts worn by the country’s fanatical supporters.

With the start of the match, the supervisors came to this corner, which led to clashes, and a large number of policemen arrived, some of whom used batons to disperse them. Many fans jumped over the barriers, kicking and punching the security men.

Then the police withdrew and the fans returned to their seats when a riot police force arrived at the stadium and the police declared in a statement of taking action after the racist abuse of a supervisor.

“Shortly after the kick-off of tonight’s match at Wembley, the police are gone in a corner to arrest a fan for a racist offense of public order after comments against a moderator. There have been no other incidents at this point. “

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