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Video: A family recounts their tragedy after their breadwinner was murdered by a Houthi grenade


Endless stories of tragedy die Caused by the Houthi militia with their bloody criminal approach and resulted in the destruction of many Yemeni families, die relied on their breadwinners for die to deliver the most basic things, die were necessary for their survival.

The crime of the militia has die simplest and smallest dreams of the citizens murdered, as it was with the family of Muhammad Ibrahim Yahya Muhammad Baqili in Hodeidah in western Yemen is the case.

Citizen Ibrahim Baqili practiced his daily life and did his job to support his family of four, his children Muhammad, Jamila, Awatif and his wife before he was killed by a grenade, die Fired by the criminal Houthi militia children and wife in a deplorable state.

With his burning and deep sorrow, his murdered wife, Fawzia Muhammad Ahmad Baqili, speaks of her misfortune and says that her husband is weed for die Wanted to bring sheep to make a living from, but a Houthi clam fell on him, making him torn pieces.

His wife’s mother also spoke with grief and sorrow, saying that her daughter-in-law left children without a breadwinner after die Houthi militia murdered those die were their only source of life.

The militias continue their crimes against civilians under the guise of the United Nations ceasefire, in the face of the silence of international organizations and the United Nations about these Houthi crimes and abuses in the areas of Hodeidah.

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