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Video..a Palestinian woman was killed by Israeli bullets


While in several areas in Tensions still prevail in Jerusalem and Ramallah, reported die Al-Arabiya correspondent against the background of yesterday’s flag march and the bombing of Gaza over the death of a Palestinian woman, die was affected by her injury after Israeli forces fired live bullets at her on the pretext that she was carrying out a run-over operation.

An Israeli army spokesman announced that “a woman die had tried in to carry out a run-down and stabbed operation near the village of Hizma near Ramallah, was neutralized “.

This incident came after the media march and the resulting tension that saw Israel launch attacks on Gaza last night after launching fire balloons, die caused a number of fires.

Another fight ?!

Israel launched air strikes on the densely populated sector for the first time since a ceasefire was announced on May 22 after eleven days of mutual fighting.

Meanwhile there was die Israeli army announced that their planes were military terrain in Attacked Gaza after shooting fire balloons into fields in southern Israel. He also stressed in a statement that he was “prepared for all scenarios, including renewed fighting”.

From the Israeli bombing of Gaza on Tuesday evening June 15, 2021 (AFP)

This “deliberate” escalation, the crisis of which is no better suited to any party, followed a march previously organized by ultra-nationalist Jews. Meanwhile threatened die Hamas in response to the march known as the Flags March.

This march was the first test for die new Israeli government led by Naftali Bennett.

On the other hand, according to Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath, Tel Beeb urged Egypt to die To calm the situation in Gaza before it deteriorates rapidly.

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