Video: At least 18 people were killed in torrential rains that hit southern Iran

Violent torrential rains in Iran’s southern province of Fars killed at least 18 people, state TV reported on Saturday.

“At around 17:00 yesterday (12:30 GMT), in the cities of Ige and Rodbal, in the central part of Istahban, heavy rain fell, which led to torrential rains,” quoted the official news agency. IRNA, the governor of the district of Istahban, Yusef Karker, as it were.

“As a result, 18 bodies were recovered from the Istahban areas and the identities of 13 of them were identified,” he added.

He stressed that 6 people are still missing and that “55 rescue teams are participating in the rescue operations”.

“IRNA” previously quoted the director general of crisis management in the province, Khalil Abdullahi, confirming the death of 15 people and the loss of 8.

Videos published by Iranian news agencies showed muddy streams in the course of the Rodbal River, engulfed by some auto white.

“A number of local people and visitors (from other areas) who were walking along or in the river were surprised by the rising water level,” said Karker.

The climate in southern and central Iran is in mostly dry, but these areas have seen flooding in multiple stages.