Video .. Continued advances south of Hodeidah and Houthi’s losses have doubled

The joint forces continued their advance for the second consecutive day, with a large military operation as part of the repositioning and deployment on the fronts of the west coast of Yemen, amid human and material losses in the ranks of the Iranian-affiliated Houthi militias .

And i media Joint forces reported that the continued military operation culminated Saturday with the liberation of several separate villages southwest, north and northeast of the city of Hays, south of Hodeidah.

He explained what quality units have undertaken in clashes with various weapons from prime morning until noon, culminating in the liberation of the areas of Al-Qudhaiba and Ali Mohsen, southwest of the city of Hays.

At the same time, other units fought clashes north and north-east of the city, culminating in the liberation and mass in security of the Udayn Triangle and the prominent Tabab, which the Iranian militia continued to use to bomb citizens’ homes in the center of the densely populated neighborhood, according to the same source.

He confirmed the deaths and injuries and more than 12 militia fighters captured.

In context, the official spokesman for the Giant’s Brigades, Mamoun Al-Muhajmi, said on Saturday that the joint forces have completely purified the areas connecting Al-Nujiba and Hays (south of Hodeidah), up to Jabal Al-Barsha. . .

Al-Muhajmi added that units of the giants moved from the front, north of the city of Hais, and reached the outskirts of the city of Al-Jarrahi.

A spokesman for the Giant’s Brigades confirmed that Jabal Ras is within range of the joint forces, as is the city of Al-Jarrahi, which is only kilometers away.

Yesterday, Friday, the joint forces launched a full-scale military operation within the repositioning and deployment on the west coast fronts, achieving major victories, when strategic areas north and northeast of the city at the administrative borders were liberated. of the governorates of Ibb and Taiz, in amid the collapses in the ranks of the Houthi militia.

A large attack carried out by specific units, from multiple axes, succeeded in purifying the areas of Saqm, Al-Mahajar, Al-Jabalin and other strategic areas east, north and northwest of Hais, where the Houthi militia was of room for the past seven years.

The joint forces purified Jabal Omar and the Al-Awwaj mountain range, east of Hays, and cut the Hays – Al-Aden – Ibb line, which is the most important supply line for the Houthi militia, to areas south of Hodeidah and to the west Taiz countryside.

Jabal Omar, from which the Houthi militia was defeated, overlooks the asphalt line connecting Hays and thearea of Mahjar at the brick factory.

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