Video from Jeddah’s Aramco station, which was attacked. 50 teams that fought the fire

The Al-Arabiya correspondent reported on Friday evening that civil protection and fire brigade teams are working to control the fire at the Aramco plant in Jeddah.

While direct images from Jeddah’s Aramco station, which was attacked on Friday, showed flames and smoke increase.

Al-Arabiya’s correspondent in Jeddah said 50 divisions are fighting the fire at Aramco’s fuel distribution station and expect to control the fire within hours.

An official source from the Saudi Ministry of Energy said on Friday that the oil products distribution station in northern Jeddah was attacked at 5:25 pm today, Friday 22 Shaaban 1443 AH, corresponding to March 25, 2022, with a missile attack, and the “Al-Mukhtara” station in the Al-Mukhtara area was attacked. Jazan, also at five this evening, was attacked with a rocket-propelled grenade. These criminal attacks resulted in no injuries or deaths.

The source expressed Saudi Arabia’s strong condemnation of these sabotage attacks, the repeated commission of which against vital installations and civilian objects in different regions of the Kingdom constitutes a violation of all international laws and norms.

The source confirmed what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had previously announced that it would take no responsibility for any shortage of oil supplies to global markets in light of continued militia sabotage attacks on its oil facilities by Houthi terrorists backed by Iran.

Western and Arab reactions to the Houthi terror attacks against Saudi Arabia continued on Friday as Saudi Ambassador to Washington, Rima Bint Bandar, called on the international community to take action against the Houthi attacks on global energy supplies.

Rima Bint Bandar said the Houthis continue to attack civilians and infrastructure.

The Saudi ambassador to Washington referred to the Houthis’ use of Iranian-made missiles and drones to target energy facilities.

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