VIDEO: Futgraphers ask Riya Chakraborty outside the gym, saying – I am recovering

Actress Riya Chakraborty has been living a low-profile life for some time. He is not even in the headlines after getting bail in the case related to the Sushant case. Recently he started going to the gym. On Friday, she was caught on camera by photographers. During this time a photographer took his position.

The photographers asked – how are you
Riya Chakraborty is going to the same gym where she used to go with Sushant. Outside the gym, they found a few photographers. When he asked Riya about his well being, Riya replied, I am getting well.

Riya goes to the police station every month
Riya went to the gym with her brother Shouvik Chakraborty last week. Shouvik posed for the cameraman but Riya walked out saying ‘Excuse me’. In the Sushant case, Riya goes to the police station to attend once a month. Riya has to do this due to the condition of her bail. His passport is also with the investigation team.