Video .. Great human and material losses for die Houthis on the Marib Fronts

Today, Tuesday, suffered die Iran-backed Houthi militia through artillery fire from the Yemeni army and die Legitimacy coalition fighter jets raided northwest and west of Marib governorate causing severe human and material losses.

The media center of the Yemeni Armed Forces shared in a statement with that die National Army artillery aimed at gatherings and reinforcements of the Houthi militia on the Kassara Front west of Marib.

He confirmed that die Bombing resulted in deaths and injuries among the militia, as well as other losses of equipment, including a kit of ammunition and weapons.

Aimed on the northwest front die Coalition fighter jets at Houthi gatherings in various locations in the Diamond Belt and left die Militia returned dead and wounded. Other raids also destroyed crews with reinforcements, killing everyone on board.

It also targeted other raids, ammunition and combat vehicles en route to the militias on the Ksara front, and die Raids resulted in their destruction and the death of everyone on board.

National Army forces called off a Houthi attack on the Kassara Front today, and die Militia suffered great human and material losses and forced their remaining members to flee.

The center released a recent video clip targeting a coup militia mechanism on the Meuse front. He also released a clip at the last moment when a Houthi vehicle was on die Western fronts was directed by Marib.

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