Video.. Iran bombs northern Iraq with suicide marches

Coinciding with the Turkish attacks in northern Syria and in Iraq, Iran launched fresh attacks Sunday night, targeting Iranian Kurdish opposition groups stationed in neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan, less than a week after similar attacks, local officials said.

The counterterrorism services in Kurdistan have confirmed that “the Revolutionary Guards have again targeted Kurdish-Iranian parties”, without giving any results to these attacks, launched around midnight.

For their part, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran and the Iranian Kurdish nationalist organization “Komala” confirmed that the attacks targeted their facilities in this region.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party said on Twitter on Monday that it was being targeted in two locations near Erbil from “rocket attacks and suicide drones”. The oldest Kurdish party in Iran, founded in 1945, said: “These indiscriminate attacks are coming in one moment in which the Iranian regime is not in able to stop the demonstrations in course in Kurdistan, in western Iran”.

As the official Iraqi news agency reported: “The headquarters of three Iranian opposition parties inside Kurdistan have been bombed by Iranian missiles and drones.”

While I media Iraqis reported casualties as a result of the shelling, noting that an Iranian drone bombed a camp for Iranian Kurdish refugees in Erbil.

This Iranian bombing has arrived in coinciding with the Turkish Defense Ministry’s announcement yesterday that the Air Force had carried out raids on Kurdish militia sites in northern Syria and in Iraq, which led to the destruction of 89 targets, in response to the bombing in Istanbul a week ago, which claimed the lives of six people.

He has declared in a statement that the attacks targeted bases of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara considers an offshoot of the PKK.

He also indicated that the attacks targeted Qandil, Asus and Hakurk in Iraq and Kobani, Tal Refaat, Al-Jazeera and Derik in Syria.

Interestingly, Ankara launches frequent airstrikes into northern Iraq, where it has deployed commandos to support its operations as part of a long-term campaign against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Similarly, Iranian attacks have been repeated in northern Iraq since mid-September, with protests continuing in Iran against the background of the death of Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian Kurdish woman, after her arrest by the morality police.

On November 14, a rocket and drone attack by Tehran on Iranian Kurdish opposition groups left one dead and eight injured in Iraqi Kurdistan.