Video … Is Sonak a Magician? How do you change the red reel in his hand in “green”?

A widely circulated video of the British Prime Minister leaving his office, carrying a file in red, but the color soon changed in green.

And the sites of social network they felt that Sonak could be a magician, especially since the shot taken from more than one side showed a clear change in color.

Some conspiracy theorists have even claimed that Rishi is one of the lizards that rule the world, so he has supernatural abilities.

While the sites of social network were worried about the news, the channel did not expect such a wide circulation, to come out and confirm the story, that is that it was just a technical error, explaining that the publisher, when he learned that Sunak was discussing the issue of budgethe preferred to change the file from red to green, which is a process “Photoshop” technology has nothing to do with the capabilities of the British Prime Minister. “