Video .. Revealing the results of the investigation into the Houthi terrorist attack on the port of Al-Mukha

Joint forces on Yemen’s west coast today revealed the results of the investigation into the crime of attacking the Iranian-backed Houthi militia at the civilian port of Mocha using ballistic missiles and drones earlier this week.

A member of the Joint Forces Command, Brigadier General Sadiq Doweed, confirmed in a press conference that the Iranian gang had used two Iranian-made ballistic missiles and six drones, half of which were shot down by joint forces’ air defenses.

Regarding the results of the attack, he said that the Iranian barbarism weapon destroyed some warehouses in the port, including warehouses for merchants’ goods and a warehouse for the Humanitarian Action Unit containing large quantities of food supplied by the Red Crescent of the UAE is ready for deployment. It also destroyed some port offices and damaged its berth.

Brigadier Dowd explained that the port has gradually resumed operation after the inauguration, in the presence of the United Nations representative, David Grisley, as a civilian port subject to the International Code (ISPS CODE) and supervised by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). through the Maritime Affairs Authority and has an international certificate of conformity.

He stressed that this barbaric bombing was carefully planned to commit a horrific massacre, as it was also accompanied by a visit by a government delegation from the Ministry of Transport; Pointing out that the port’s aiming scale and with this intensity, the enemy Houthi aimed to sweep via the port and level it to the ground.

He added that on Saturday 11 September 2021, the Iranian Houthi gang targeted the port of Mocha with heavy shelling that hit almost all port facilities, moorings, warehouses, employee offices and commercial boats anchored within it. , at the height of the work. hours.

A member of the Joint Forces Command pointed out that this heinous crime was hampered by achieving its objectives by activating passive defense and modest air defense capabilities.

And he said, neutralizing much of the objectives of this crime, while noting the successful evacuation plan of civilian workers and residents of the areas surrounding the port, in coincidence with the defenses that managed to bring down and destroy some of the attacking weapons.

Brigadier General Doweed stressed that this crime or others will not stop the port from functioning and will not discourage joint forces and the local authority from continuing to operate the port and that the port, despite the aggression, continues its work.

And at the end of last July, the historic Yemeni port of Mocha received two commercial flights after a six-year hiatus due to the war unleashed by Houthi coup militiamen.

The Yemeni port of Mocha is considered to be one of the oldest ports in the Arabian Peninsula, and the port was the main market for the export of coffee between the 15th and 17th centuries, and the name Mocha and Mochachino coffee were named after this historian. port.

The port of Mocha acquires its importance in how close it is to the international corridor in the Red Sea at a distance of only six kilometers, which connects Europe, East Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, in addition to its distinct geographical position with respect to the southern and central regions, and its proximity to the strait of Bab al-Mandab, the countries of the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Sea.

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